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Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems


When property and lives are on the line, it would be difficult to trust fire safety to a few extinguishers alone. While sprinkler systems that spray water down in case of smoke or excessive heat performed admirably in office parks and general warehouses, locations with more volatile materials on hand need something extra. Fire suppression systems offer unique ways of delivering firefighting chemicals to exactly where they need to go in the case of a flare up. This does not mean fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems should be ignored. Everything works together to deliver the best fire prevention system possible.

Fire suppression systems can protect everything from a manufacturing plant floor that covers acres to a small secure room holding important data and records. A business who loses these types of things to inadequate protection from spreading fire may find themselves with a massive expense that is difficult to cover, tragic loss of life in the employee ranks, and struggling to make up for damage or destruction of irreplaceable data.

Although other types of businesses and facilities benefit from these safety networks, fire suppression systems for kitchens, fire suppression systems for vehicles, and fire suppression systems for special hazards are three of the most common application types.

Pre-Engineered Kitchen Suppressions Systems

With all the heat from the ovens and open flame on the stove tops, there is no mistake that a commercial kitchen is one of the most common places to suffer from fires. All the heat combined with cooking oil, grease, and many other flammable liquids and solids make it impossible To Handle Everything with a Simple Fire Extinguisher. Fire suppression systems for kitchens are designed to put a lid on grease fires, and stop all other flames before they get out of hand.

Spraying water on the grease fire in the kitchen would be disastrous. Most fire suppression systems for kitchens have dry chemicals or foam that smother the flames before they get out of hand. It may ruin dinner, but it will not ruin the restaurant or any lives.

Pre-Engineered Paint Booths Suppression Systems

Airborne particles of flammable materials greatly increase the chance of fire eruptions and the need for the right fire prevention tools and systems in place before tragedy strikes. Paint booths may be the size of a large crate in industrial buildings that manufacture everything from thumbtacks to drilling rig parts, all the way up to large open rooms in which trucks and construction equipment and other large items are painted.

No matter how large or what is being painted, these types of facilities carry a high risk of fire. The right fire suppression systems for vehicles or special hazards must be in place and always maintained properly so it is ready to go the instant something goes wrong.

In some parts of the country, fire suppression is required by law in all paint booths. Everyone should automatically detect heat, smoke, or flames and trigger automatically without fail. These suppression systems usually spray out a dry chemical that smothers flames and helps to keep everything contained.

Pre-Engineered Vehicle Suppression Systems

While being painted, vehicles of the chance of catching fire due to the airborne paint articles but most also have an increased risk whenever they are being used for their regular job. Imagine large tractors working in a field all day or construction vehicles digging dirt and laying roads. The combination of large engines, high heat, flammable liquids, and limited access to water or fire emergency services and it makes sense to have some type of fire suppression system in place.

Of course, instead of installing pipes in the ceiling, fire suppression systems for vehicles work within the confines of the truck, tractor, or dozer frame. Instead of a dry chemical that could blow away in a wind or fail to get into the mechanism far enough to reach the flames, most of these systems use a wet chemical agent instead. The idea is the same as all other suppression systems: smother the fire and put it out quickly with less loss of equipment and danger to the people using it.

Pre-Engineered Special Hazard Suppression Systems

Besides the above-mentioned variety is, there are also fire suppression systems for special hazards. These are manufactured and built with unique structures and fire suppressant agents for very particular needs. If a property owner wants to keep the location and everything and everyone within it safe, it makes sense to get a system that addresses the specific dangers there.

Fire suppression systems for special hazards include the following types:

  • Large enclosed spaces like airport hangars and basements should have fire suppression systems that use high expansion foam. It will fill the room completely and smother the fire without soaking everything.
  • AFFF and FFFP firefighting chemicals are used specifically for jet fuel spills and pooling.
  • Class D suppression agents coat flammable metals such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium in metallurgical plants.

Very different types of fire suppression systems for special hazards create very different outcomes when something goes wrong. Working with experienced professionals who are trained and knowledgeable about all the options is necessary to ensure safety and minimize loss.

Trained Fire Suppression System Professionals

Everyone at Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. receives proper and extensive training in all aspects of fire prevention and suppression systems before they recommend, install, inspect, or do maintenance on any. With so much at stake, it might be difficult to choose the company you can trust to deliver the perfect firefighting system for a commercial or industrial property's needs.

Since 1983, every employee who will work directly with fire suppression systems must have all appropriate licensing, education, insurance, and on-the-job training to allow them to deliver the perfect solution for fire suppression every time. Extensive research has gone into the choice of pre-engineered and other fire suppression systems for kitchens, vehicles, and special hazards.

For all businesses in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, and the nearby areas, consider all the benefits that a professionally installed fire suppression system can bring. Not only will the property be in compliance with all necessary laws and regulations concerning fire safety, a considerable weight of worry will be lifted when you understand how vigorously we work to protect the people, companies, and organizations who choose Metro Safety & Fire, Inc. for all their fire prevention, protection, and suppression needs.

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